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Social Entrepreneurship Up Close

Four business students have been selected as Global Social Benefit Fellows to partner with social entrepreneurs globally.

Congratulations to four business students who have been chosen as 2016 Global Social Benefit Fellows by the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. These students will be conducting research with social entrepreneurs in placements from Nicaragua to Nepal over the course of seven weeks this summer. This research will be supplemented with a class taken in the spring before their research and one in the fall after their time abroad.   

Aidan O’Neill
Climate Resilience
Asdenic, Nicaragua

“My goal is to direct my study of economics and Spanish towards a career which enhances sustainable economic development in developing countries or economically disadvantaged communities, and this fellowship would be an invaluable milestone in my progress towards that goal."

ASDENIC works on agricultural development, aquaculture, food security, and environmental protection in Northern Nicaragua.

Carson Whisler
Climate Resilience
Onergy, India

“I am attracted to action research because of its dynamic and flexible approach in utilizing creative problem solving based upon real-world observations. I believe that this is the way of the future and will soon replace orthodox government and non-profit programs, which have proven to be well-intentioned Band-Aids®.”

ONergy provides decentralized energy solutions to underserved households and institutions in India.

Clarissa Nguyen
Women Rising
Empower Generation, Nepal

“As a Global Social Benefit Fellow, I hope to dive into the fast-paced action research that requires my ability to think quickly, adjust accordingly, and apply my knowledge to provide valuable insights to social enterprises.”

Empower Generation connects solar energy technology and women entrepreneurs in emerging Asia.

Katie Waddell
Social Impact Assessment
Nazava, Indonesia

“I am very passionate about this global fellowship because I understand the value behind truly living in another society in order to fully understand it, because I understand the immense challenges I would be facing when working in an underdeveloped country, and because I have a passion for discovering how to make the unjust become just."

Nazava Water Filters sells affordable and safe household water filters in Indonesia.

Learn more about the 14 other Santa Clara students participating in this program.

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Gordon Jones and Brooke Latham, 2015 Global Social Benefit Fellows, in Uganda. Photo Credit: Santa Clara University.