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Jan 2016 event in conjunction with Super Bowl 50

Jan 2016 event in conjunction with Super Bowl 50

Super Innovation Bowl

SCU MBA students partner with the City of Santa Clara to leverage football fun into technology education.

On Saturday, January 30, the City of Santa Clara will be holding a "Super Innovation Bowl” technology exhibit in conjunction with the upcoming Super Bowl 50.

Developed by the City of Santa Clara in partnership with SCU MBA students, led by marketing professor Juan Montermoso, this event will demonstrate the wonders of Virtual Reality to over 3,500 attendees – primarily local middle school students. By reaching students at this pivotal age, the potential for accelerating the growth of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among the next generation can become a reality.

“This STEM Innovation Bowl is sure to wow attendees and build momentum for technology as a whole and for this fascinating field of virtual reality,” says Professor Montermoso.

Middle school students aren’t the only ones benefiting from this event.

“For the City of Santa Clara, it is a chance to draw on the marketing and project management expertise in academia,” he says. “For the MBA students, it is a special opportunity to contribute their skills while solidifying their mastery of marketing and other business concepts.  For the participating companies, it is a unique and truly visible showcase for their virtual reality offerings.  For the STEM Innovation Bowl attendees, it will be a tremendously positive influence for building interest and understanding of STEM. And, for our South Bay community, it is a clear step from “just fun and games for a week” to a longer-lasting benefit: building a legacy of STEM to inspire creativity in the Silicon Valley today and into the future.”

Free tickets are available. Full information about the event can be found here.

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