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Carolyn Valencia: Winter 2021 with The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley!

Carolyn reflects how the LSB Community Fellows Program intersects with her studies.


2020-21 LSB Community Fellows

Through working at The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley so far, I have realized how much nonprofits interact and overlap with the work of for-profit institutions and government. Through the lens of our SCU coursework, I am now more mindful of what sectors our material focuses on, but also how despite which sector we end up working in after SCU, the business decisions we will make impact not only our immediate organization, but everyone surrounding us. 

For example, corporate and government partnerships with The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley are critical to our operations and success. Through a social equity lens, the policies governments make impact the Latinx community, which helps dictate what services we offer and how we do so. Through corporate partnerships, we are able to fundraise and help our Latinos in Technology Scholarship recipients through financial and professional development support.

Business skills are extremely transferable across organizations and roles, and the way we use them in our respective spaces is equally as important. Whether at a nonprofit, government, or for-profit setting, we can find opportunities to use our SCU education and skills to make more ethical business decisions on behalf of our communities for more social equity.

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