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Maansi Maskai: Progress over Perfection

Maansi reflects on personal and professional values that she has gained through her experience and role at the Corporate Work Study Program at Cristo Rey High School in San Jose.


“Progress over Perfection” is what my supervisor casually remarked during one of our early check-in meetings, after returning from the extended holiday break. Although it was a passing comment, it has remained with me because it directly contradicts the perfectionist mindset that I have come to acquire over the course of my education. While my amazing professors here at LSB have done an incredible job in preparing me for my future career by consistently reinforcing the importance of precision and timeliness in their coursework, my internship with the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) has primed me in a different way for my future career

My time there has allowed me to see the value of adaptability and synergy in the workplace – elements that are impossible to fully comprehend in the classroom setting. As is the case with life in general, no day looks the same for CWSP. While my co-workers do go above and beyond to ensure that the program runs smoothly on a daily basis, there are inevitable hiccups that arise. There is nothing like a perfect day. But whether it be a driver deviating from their predetermined route to pick students up from work, an occasional instance where a student is unable to locate their company-issued equipment, or another unforeseen circumstance, I have firsthand witnessed how seamlessly the CWSP team is able to adapt to address the challenge.

The synergized manner with which they operate has been a fitting reminder to me that there is so much more to running a successful organization than the meticulous spreadsheets, the aesthetic PowerPoints, the comprehensive emails, etc. This is not to discredit the merit of these elements because the program would not be able to function without the meticulous route spreadsheets, CWSP pitch slides, lengthy email exchanges, etc. However, the immense success of the program cannot purely be attributed to these factors or the astute business insight of the team; due credit must be given to the abilities of the CWSP team to function effortlessly as a unit and collectively adapt to unforeseen roadblocks. 

Interning here has reshaped my outlook both towards the knowledge that I have acquired thus far at LSB and the career I hope to have some day in the future. Irrespective of the business knowledge I have, it will truly be impossible for me to plan for every potential outcome or anticipate every potential shortfall in my future career. Interning with the CWSP at CRSJ has taught me to strive for perfection and precision, while simultaneously embracing the progress made towards a goal. 


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