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Taeya Ross: Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley

Reaching the minority communities of the San Jose/Santa Clara area

As an Educations Program intern at the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, I work to support the objectives of the College Success Program, offering guidance, resources, and workshops to families and students. Within the first few weeks of my placement as a fellow, I was reminded of what it meant to be part of a proud POC community. My specific programs team had welcomed me with open arms, smiles, laughs, and conversations I will never forget. I had entered a mighty, tight knit group of individuals dedicated to improving the lives and future careers of the Latinx community. I was able to share and discuss topics often overlooked in our classrooms, communities, and everyday lives. In my placement, I was able to understand new perspectives, allowing me to realize the similarities and differences in the obstacles that different communities face.

What I continue to be surprised by about my organization and my role is the true impact it has on the community. Understanding the number of families, students, and individuals that are served demonstrates the passion and support offered by organizations like the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley. Without the financial, educational, and general resources offered to those within the community, so little progress would be made. Because of this, I have been moved by the heart that goes into the work my colleagues do everyday.

As I continue my role as a fellow, I hope to offer and capitalize on my perspective as a minority college student. I hope to have real conversations that impact other young students who are entering the next phase of their lives. I want to connect with the community of individuals that my organization strives to meet, help, and improve. Further, I hope to find the confidence to lead my own project surrounding students to leave a mark and offer them knowledge they can carry with them. I hope to emphasize a phrase I have kept with me: “I am because we are.”

LSB Fellows,2022-2023