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Deisha Adhishesh
Deisha Adhishesh
2022-2023 Fellow
San Jose Office of Economic Development - Public Policy Intern

Finance Major and Business Analytics Minor
Home Town: San Ramon, California

Summary of your responsibilities in your fellowship role:
My role is a Public Policy fellow in the Office of Economic Development at the City of San Jose. My role focuses on housing policy and development of multiple neighborhoods in San Jose, with a focus on Downtown. I work with my team members to help them visualize trends using City-managed data to draw conclusions about the economic health of the city.

In what ways are you making a positive contribution to your organization/department?
I have been able to provide a perspective of a college student, on how OED can better serve the downtown community. During team meetings, I hope to add value by providing my perspective on the needs of college campuses and students, in order to help the City of San Jose obtain a holistic viewpoint on how to better build Downtown.

What are 1-2 aspects of your Fellowship that have been most rewarding or helpful to you so far?
I am grateful to have an opportunity to learn more about a neighborhood that I am not extremely familiar with. Although I am from the Bay Area, the region is so vast that it is rare to get hands-on experience in a community other than yours. I have loved learning more about the San Jose community and what makes it unique.

What would you recommend to LSB students who want to make a difference in the community?
Join the Community Fellows program and be intentional with your volunteering and service! It can be so difficult to make time to give back to the community, yet it provides you with a perspective unlike any other, and truly can complete your college experience.