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LSB Fellows 2022-23
Tia Asher
Tia Asher
2022-2023 Fellow
VeggieLution - Program Administration Intern

Finance Major, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Minors
Home Town:  Mukilteo, Washington

 Summary of your responsibilities in your fellowship role:
As an intern at Veggielution, I have a number of responsibilities assigned to ease the work of my coworkers. One of my main responsibilities includes checking email accounts and voicemails to ensure messages get to the appropriate staff member(s). As an admin intern I was also given an onboarding project to help the Administration Manager complete this process as Veggielution will continue expanding their team in the future. Lastly, I had the opportunity to help a few managers with program-specific projects which expanded my skillset and my understanding of Veggielution as a whole.

In what ways are you making a positive contribution to your organization/department?
Above all else, I play a support role in my fellowship and provide assistance where I am needed. I have contributed to the Veggielution team by helping form standard operating procedures, doing research, and helping with a number of small projects.

 What are 1-2 aspects of your Fellowship that have been most rewarding or helpful to you so far?
The most rewarding aspects of my fellowship have been attending community events and working with different program managers. These two things helped me connect with my coworkers and East San Jose residents in ways that I will forever be grateful for.

What would you recommend to LSB students who want to make a difference in the community?
This program is an excellent way for LSB students to make a real, visible difference in the community. In addition to the Community Fellows program, I would also recommend finding other organizations on campus that have similar values to maximize the amount of exposure you get to the community beyond SCU.