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Rene Fong
Rene Fong
2022-2023 Fellow
Santa Clara County Office of Supervisor Otto Lee - Intern

Management Information Systems and Economics Majors
Home Town: San Francisco, California

Summary of your responsibilities in your fellowship role 
In my role as an intern at the Office of Santa Clara County District 3 Supervisor Otto Lee, I completed multiple data analysis projects involving the County communications and residential programming. I created a funds database to track District 3 grants to local organizations to fund community events and programs. Over the course of the Fellowship, I was also able to attend various community events to represent the supervisor and interact with community members in the San José, Milpitas, and Sunnyvale area. 

In what ways are you making a positive contribution to your organization/department? 
Through my work at the County, I was able to help collate and present feedback on the County newsletter and the annual National Night Out event. Through this, future events and communications can be improved, thus allowing for more efficient ways for residents to learn about and utilize County resources. My research also contributed to a better understanding of the policy landscape on the national and local level.

What are 1-2 aspects of your Fellowship that have been most rewarding or helpful to you so far?
I think I have been able to learn a lot about the local government and the way that residents are supported by the County through this fellowship. I now have a better understanding of County operations and resources because of this experience and will hopefully be able to utilize that in my desired career in public policy. Through my Fellowship projects I have also been able to further develop my data analysis skills, which I believe will be beneficial for future projects and opportunities.

What would you recommend to LSB students who want to make a difference in the community? 
To have an impact on your community, I believe it is important to be informed and seek out opportunities to learn. By doing this, one can have a comprehensive understanding of the positive aspects as well as what needs improvement in the community. And I think by being involved in the greater community, you naturally find chances to make a difference for others, in both big and small ways.