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Natalia Rey-Liemann
Natalia Rey-Liemann
2022-2023 Fellow
San Jose Office of Economic Development - Marketing & Communications Intern

Marketing Major
Home Town: Miami, Florida

Summary of your responsibilities in your fellowship role
My role involves working with the Public Information Manager to plan communications and marketing activities that support the OEDCA Business Development Group. I’ve spearheaded marketing campaigns celebrating local entrepreneurship by interviewing small business owners and posting engaging success stories. I’ve really enjoyed enhancing the program with such passionate team members who motivate me to make an impact in the lives of underserved communities. 

In what ways are you making a positive contribution to your organization/department?
Getting the opportunity to speak one-on-one with local business owners made me aware of the challenges certain districts and marginalized areas face. By highlighting their stories on social media, these businesses grow positive brand awareness and recognition from San Jose residents. The informative workshops and panelist events that I’ve helped promote are

What are 1-2 aspects of your Fellowship that have been most rewarding or helpful to you so far?
Understanding how business owners have benefitted from business grants and pushed through COVID-19 with resilience has been inspirational to me, as I’ve always had an interest in entrepreneurship. I also really appreciate the autonomy given to me at the OED because I felt encouraged to continue working towards helping the community. 

What would you recommend to LSB students who want to make a difference in the community?
One huge takeaway from this fellowship has been my increased understanding of the high impact an individual can make in their community. City officials want to understand residents’ needs, and I believe in the power of communicating those needs to offices like the OEDCA. I also think surrounding yourself with people who also care to be more civically engaged is instrumental to having conversations about inequities and paths toward community flourishing.