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Erika Peterson: The Many Hats of Cristo Rey San Jose High School

Dedication and camaraderie have been a key part of Erika’s internship at Cristo Rey High School in San Jose.

Erika Petersen, 2021-2022 Fellow

At Cristo Rey San Jose High school I have had the privilege of working alongside incredible faculty members who work exceptionally hard to give their students access to everything they need to succeed. Faculty members take on multiple roles at the school, not only teaching their assigned subjects, but also hosting club meetings, and participating in school events. Every single member wears multiple hats in order to help the school run as efficiently as it does.

The atmosphere reflects this hard work and dedication, in turn creating an impressive school full of opportunities. I just recently had the chance to sit in on faculty interviews and listen to their stories at this school. Many of these stories brought everyone in the room to tears. The dedication these people have for their students and to the cause is inspiring. I would never have imagined how important committed employees are to an organization like CRSJ high school. However, it is now clear to me that without the camaraderie and the willingness to push yourself further, this school would not be able to function the way it does.

Recognizing what you can bring to a school like CRSJ involves creative thinking and problem-solving. Being able to identify areas that need improvement and then offering your time and energy as a resource to fix those areas is extremely valuable. This skill involves being confident in your ability to make decisions and then implementing those decisions in an organized manner to produce the desired response.


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