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Senior Leadership Academy

The Senior Leadership Academy is a unique program offered by the Leavey School of Business which provides undergraduate business seniors the opportunity at in-depth exploration of a leadership topic relevant to postgraduate life. 



Each Academy theme varies based upon current topics students will deal with throughout their senior year and postgraduate life.  Recent Academy themes have explored "Leadership for Innovation" and "Leadership in Adversity" to help prepare seniors to enter professional life. 



Each Academy Features a Combination of:

    • Presentations by Silicon Valley leaders experienced in aspects of the topic
    • Readings and reflections on specific skills required to master leadership in the topic area
    • Weekend retreat facilitated by subject matter experts
    • Alumni networking and mentoring
    • Formal dinners with leading corporate executives and their spouses discussing work and family life


Leadership During Transition and Uncertainty

The 2017-2018 Senior Leadership Academy will examine personal and professional leadership through times of change with the theme: “Leadership During Transition and Uncertainty”.

Guiding questions for this experience include: How do I evolve from student to young professional? In what ways will my leadership skills transition to my next chapter of life? What are different strategies to prepare for upcoming changes?


The Program

The program pairs each senior with an alumni mentor who provides one-on-one mentorship and support to discuss topics like personal and professional development,

  • Career Exploration
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Navigating Financial Planning
  • Transitioning from a Student to a Working Professional                                                                                         

On January 11th, seventeen Academy participants networked with mentors who have experience at Bloomberg, Google, KPMG, MongoDB, Sequoia Capital, Roku, PayPal, and other companies.