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Section 1.6 Other Requirements: Registration Licensing, Insuance

Section 1.6  Other Requirements:  Registration, Licensing, Insurance

(1.6.1) All vehicles parked on campus must display evidence of current registration, either in the State of California, or in the state where the Registered Owner resides.  Vehicles with expired registration may be subject to removal from the campus, or other action by law enforcement authorities as authorized by the California Vehicle Code. 

(1.6.2) All operators of any vehicles (as described in Section 1.1.4 above, excluding bicycles and skateboards) on the campus, or any property owned/maintained by the University must possess a valid vehicle operator’s license issued either by the State of California DMV or by the equivalent Department in their State of Residence.

(1.6.3) Vehicle Owners, Operators, or SCU Parking Permit holders are required to carry evidence of financial responsibility (proof of insurance) in their vehicles at all times, when operating or parking a vehicle on the campus or any property owned/maintained by the University.  Failure to maintain liability insurance as required by the CA Vehicle Code may result in the suspension or revocation of parking privileges.