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Section 16.3 Operation

Section 16.3  Operation

(16.3.1)  Any bicycle riding that endangers the safety of pedestrians, damages University property, or creates a noise nuisance is prohibited under this policy. Tricks, stunts, acrobatic actions, or other actions likely to cause personal injury or damage to University property are specifically prohibited.

(16.3.2)  Bicycles may not be operated at a speed which exceeds the university speed limit for vehicles (15 miles per hour on streets and 5 miles per hour in parking lots or mall areas).

(16.3.3)  Bicycles may be operated on the streets and malls on campus. Extreme care must be exercised when a bicycle is ridden on a campus sidewalk. 

(16.3.4)  Bicycles must always yield to pedestrians anywhere on campus.

(16.3.5)  When operating a bicycle, bicyclists must remain to the far right of the street or paved area. Bicycles shall not be ridden in the area of the University’s Mission Gardens