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Section 16.4 Enforcement

Section 16.4  Enforcement

(16.4.1) A Campus Safety Officer (CSO), Parking Control Officer (PCO) or other individual specifically authorized by Campus Safety Services may relocate or impound a bicycle which:

  1. is in violation of any regulation stated in Section 2; or
  2. appears to have been abandoned; or unsecured.
  3. has been reported stolen by its owner.

(16.4.2) Campus Safety Services may remove the securing mechanism of the bicycle by whatever means are necessary for the purpose of impounding a bicycle. The CSO is authorized to remove the device and impound the bicycle in this manner, and the University shall not be liable to the owner of the securing device or bicycle for the cost of repair or replacement of such securing device and/or bicycle.

(16.4.3) Any bicycle which has been impounded will be secured at its location or in the impound area of Campus Safety Services. Persons retrieving an impounded bicycle may be required to show proof of ownership (with complete description: manufacturer, model, color, size and serial numbers) and must provide his/her picture identification (student ID or appropriate state driver’s license).

(16.4.4) Bicycles are not to be left on campus for storage during summer breaks. Bicycles considered abandoned will be tagged and issued a warning period of three days. If no action is taken within 5 days, these bicycles will be considered abandoned and impounded.

(16.4.5)  Bicycles that remain unclaimed for a period of 90 days shall be disposed of by Campus Safety Services.  Unclaimed bicycles can not be obtained by either purchase or donation.