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Section 18.1 Bicycles and Other Coasting Devices

Section 18.1  Bicycles and Other Coasting Devices

(18.1.1)  When used in a safe manner, bicycles and coasting devices (defined as self-propelled, non-pedaled devices such as skateboards, roller skates, rollerblades, and scooters) are approved for use as transportation on university property.  Persons may coast or ride upon any sidewalk or improved surface used for pedestrian purposes, provided users yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

(18.1.2)  Bicycles and coasting devices may not be operated in excess of the university speed limit for vehicles (15 miles per hour on streets and 5 miles per hour in parking lots or mall areas).  Unsafe conditions may warrant reduced speeds.

(18.1.3)  Bicycle riders must follow all State traffic laws pertaining to bicycles at all times while on university property.