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Section 3.5 On Campus Resident (C, CW, CN)

Section 3.5  On Campus Resident (C, CW, CN)

A parking space for on-campus residents with a valid permit.

(3.5.1)  On-Campus Resident parking permits (C, CW & CN) will be issued on a first come first served basis through the on-line permit request form. Access to this form is distributed through the housing office some time before the start of the fall quarter. Residents will then be able to purchase permits through their e-campus accounts. Unsuccessful CW and CN applicants may apply for a “C” permit. First-year students are not eligible to purchase any type/class of permit. Exceptions:  On-campus resident students who can demonstrate a compelling need or who would suffer undue hardship under this restriction can apply for a waiver.  Waivers will be reviewed by the committee (Asst. Dean for Student Life, Housing Director, Resident Life Director, Campus Safety Services representatives), and will be kept to an absolute minimum.  Permits obtained through the waiver process will be “C” permits and issued only for one academic Quarter per application and re-application is needed for each quarter thereafter.

NOTE: Resident parking permits:

  •  C  are valid only in  Resident “C” lots and in a reduced fee (F) lot/area; 
  •  CN are valid only in Resident “CN” and “C” lots; and in a reduced fee (F) lot/area;
  •  CW are valid only in Resident “CW” and “C” lots: and in a reduced fee (F) lot/area;

(3.5.2)  Resident parking is enforced 24 hours a day.

(3.5.3)  Resident parking permits terminate upon move-out.