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Department ofArt and Art History

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds
Associate Professor
Educational Background

M.F.A., University of California, Berkeley, Art Practice

Time-based Landscapes

Reynolds' time-based work is developed through an accumulation of observations painted over the course of many days. This process explores the compulsion to get at something beyond the static image. When painting layers of time there is a quality of being a witness to one's life, perception, and inevitable mortality, that is communicated through the subject's translation into paint. Through many cycles of destroying, layering, and rebuilding the image, the essential qualities of movement, spontaneity, and psychological insight are conveyed. In the tension between the static painting and the constantly changing subject, a balance is struck between abstraction and representation.


ARTS 30 Basic Drawing
ARTS 43 Basic Painting
ARTS 45 Basic Outdoor Painting-Landscapes I
ARTS 46 Basic Watercolor
ARTS 131 Life Drawing
ARTS 143 Intermediate Painting
ARTS 144 Advanced Painting
ARTS 145 Outdoor Painting-Landscapes II
ARTS 146 Watercolor II