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Jordan clarke

Jordan clarke

Jordan Clarke '12

Classical Studies alumna now works in the public sector and is married to a fellow bronco

"After majoring in Classics and Economics at SCU, I joined Teach For America and taught high school math in Massachusetts from 2012-2014. In 2014 I moved out to Seattle, WA to begin my Master in Public Administration (MPA) at the University of Washington. I graduated in 2016 and began working at my current job with the Washington State House of Representatives. I serve as a nonpartisan fiscal analyst for the House Appropriations Committee, which always sounds boring but I promise is fun (for me). I can tell you that the main reason my current bosses were excited to interview me was because of my Classics background. They were really interested to hear how a background in Classics could connect to economics and finance - we even spent a decent chunk of the panel interview talking about my senior thesis! On a personal level, the sophomore I started dating my freshman year of college is now my husband; my best friends from SCU are still my closest friends and we see each other often, despite the distance. I am always a bit sad when I walk down Franklin St. now that the Classics House is gone, but the memories of translating Homer in that tiny classroom will last a lifetime."

-- Jordan Clarke '12