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Lissa Crofton-Sleigh

Lissa Crofton-Sleigh

Lissa Crofton-Sleigh to present "The Destructive Trumpet in Vergil's Aeneid" at June symposium in Italy.

Lissa Crofton-Sleigh will be presenting a paper entitled "‘Clamorque virum clangorque tubarum’: The Destructive Trumpet in Vergil’s Aeneid," at the Symposium Cumanum, a conference organized by the Vergilian Society on June 21-24 at the Villa Vergiliana in Cumae, Italy. Her paper looks at the ways in which music, particularly trumpet music, can produce disharmony and chaos, highlighting the prominent themes of destruction and rebirth in the Aeneid and suggesting at least a partial alignment between the poem and Augustus' political and ideological agenda.