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Department ofClassics


New Faculty 2015-16

Classics is delighted to announce that three faculty members will be joining our department this coming year.

Carolynn Roncaglia will be starting her first year as an Assistant Professor. A specialist in ancient material culture, she will be offering a new C&I sequence on Ancient Spaces, as well as a new core course on ancient Science and Technology. She will also be teaching upper-division Greek (oratory) and Latin (Tacitus). Full profile


Angela Holzmeister will be joining us as a Lecturer. A specialist in the Greek novel, Professor Holzmeister will be teaching a new C&I sequence on Friendship, the Beginning Latin sequence, and a new upper-division core course. Full profile


Lissa Crofton-Sleigh will return this year as an Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer. After a very successful year teaching Beginning Latin in 2014-2015, this year she takes over our Beginning Greek sequence. She will also be teaching a C&I sequence (Heroes and Heroism), as well as sections of Classical Mythology. Full profile