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News from Recent Classics Graduates, Read what they’ve been up to!

From Clara Cushing:

After graduation, I spent a year as a Fulbright English teaching assistant at an agricultural high school in Benešov, a small town in the Czech Republic. I taught the students and teachers about U.S. culture, developed close friendships with the local Czechs, and explored the history of Europe in my travels. I am currently working as a communications intern with the national academic honor society, Phi Beta Kappa, in Washington D.C. In the fall, I plan to begin an MA program in Rhetoric and Writing Studies at San Diego State University.  

From Brian Le:

After graduating from SCU, I applied to graduate school programs and was accepted to Stanford's MA program in Classics, which I will attend starting in Fall of 2018. In the meantime, I have been writing about the role of Classical influences in modern media and culture. This includes an article on Alexander's portrayal in the computer game Civilization VI for the online Classics journal Eidolon, and blog posts on my own website, the most successful of which is this article about an Oresteia reference in the police procedural Blue Bloods. I have also been auditing language courses at the SCU Classics department.

From Maggie Woods:

I’ve had an interesting run so far. My mom has been ill, so I took a gap year to help out at home before getting an MSt in Medieval Studies at the University of Oxford and doing a brief internship in heritage at Stowe House in Buckinghamshire. My mom is still not in good health, so I’m back now in the Bay Area, teaching Latin, history, and English at AJ Tutoring.

From Jonathan Homrighausen:

Since graduating with a double major in Classics and Religious Studies in 2015, I decided to stay in the ancient world and embark in graduate study of the Bible. This spring, I will earn my MA in Biblical Studies at the Graduate Theological Union, and in the fall I begin a PhD in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Duke University. My first book, Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary by Conceptual Categories: A Student's Guide to Nouns in the Old Testament, co-authored with SCU faculty David Pleins, came out in 2017; my second, Illuminating Justice: The Ethical Imagination of The Saint John’s Bible, will flood bookstores this summer (one can dream!). Although Prof. Turkeltaub lamented that, as a student of the Bible, I would no longer read “real Greek,” I have found my classics degree very helpful for thinking about how many different facets of culture interact with one another: history, language, literature, art, philosophy, and of course, religion.

From Victor Republicano:

Upon graduating, I attended the University of Arizona where I obtained an M.A. in Classics, and shortly after moved to Chicago to pursue graduate study in Political Science at the University of Chicago.  Realizing study of the modern world wasn't for me, I withdrew and ate my way through Chicago for a year.  This September I returned to the Bay Area and accepted a position as Special Assistant to Fr. Engh here at SCU.  My responsibilities vary, but primarily I aid in speech writing, internal and external communications, crisis management, and coordinating a focused social media strategy. I am loving being back in the Bay Area, and when I am not stuck in traffic, you can find me in the Benson fountain collecting coins to offset rent.

From Gregory Giomi:

As a graduate from Santa Clara’s Classical/Ancient Studies program I have found myself inherently prepared for a great many of life’s demands, both professionally and socially.  Currently I am enrolled back at Santa Clara as a graduate student pursuing a single subject credential in social sciences as well as a master’s degree.  I am eternally indebted to the department AND discipline for allowing me the intellectual flexibility and academic qualifications to pursue a myriad of opportunities related to my passions.  With any luck I’d like to eventually obtain a doctorate pertaining to something in the ancient world (one degree at a time!) to help increase modern exposure and renewed, fresh academic interest in the overall field.

Classics Alums!

Please stay in touch! Write us and tell us what you’ve been doing. We want to know, and it’s great for others to see that you’re not starving. You’re not starving, are you? Excellent!