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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science

Math Advance

Students placing into calculus and precalculus have the opportunity to take part in the Math Advance program. Math Advance is a free 3-week online program offered in August to help a small group of students get off to a strong start in their university math sequence, and to make some human connections with experienced SCU math student partners before the school year begins. The course is limited to the first 160 students who have completed their Calculus Readiness Exam (CRE) before June 15, who score within the identified ranges, and who confirm their registration in the program before June 30.

The Math Advance courses are designed to help students internalize the concepts that they may have learned in high school math, and to help them develop mathematical agility through high-effort high-reward skill building. They will work together with experienced SCU student math partners and an SCU math department instructor who will help tailor the course to their particular needs. Our goal is to enable these students to walk into class in September feeling confident and ready to take on calculus or precalculus. 

There are two sections of Math Advance. 

  • Math Advance Calculus is designed to take students who fall just short of the threshold to place into calculus, and get them prepared to take calculus in the fall. Normally, a CRE score of 76 or higher is required to take calculus in the fall. If you take the CRE by June 15th and your score is between 70 and 75, you will be invited to join Math Advance Calculus. The first 80 students who accept that invitation and complete Math Advance Calculus will be eligible to register for calculus in their first year. 
  • Math Advance Precalculus is designed to help students develop the mathematical intuition that they will need to excel in a precalculus classroom. A CRE score of 60 or higher is usually recommended for students who wish to take precalculus in the fall. If your score is less than 40, you will be invited to register for Math Advance Precalculus, which will help you be more prepared and confident going into your precalculus course in the fall. Again, the first 80 students who accept that invitation and complete the course will be eligible to register for precalculus during their first year.

If you are interested in either of these opportunities, take your CRE by June 15, 2023. Qualified students will be invited to participate in the Math Advance program before July orientation. Those who accept the invitation by June 30, 2023 and complete Math Advance will be eligible for fall registration for their next level math class.

Contact Linda Burks with any further questions about either Math Advance program.