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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science

Calculus Readiness Exam (CRE)

Welcome to your mathematical experience at SCU!

No matter where you come from or what background you bring, we want to help you to thrive in your mathematics courses. Your success is important to us, so we want to be very careful about helping you know where to start.

There is a lot of information here, because that’s what it takes to explain the many things we have to offer. Be sure you don’t miss something important!

What is the Calculus Readiness Exam (CRE)?

For our Calculus Readiness Exam (CRE), we use a sophisticated tool called ALEKS that uses artificial intelligence to talk with you about mathematics. ALEKS is scientifically validated, and we trust the data it delivers. Based on your answers during the session, ALEKS steers the conversation to find your strengths and weaknesses to give an accurate picture of where you are in your mathematical journey.

If you are required to take the CRE, it is your first session with ALEKS that counts, and that session must be completed by June 15 (soft deadline). If you miss that soft deadline, you can still take the CRE--please just complete it before your registration.

Contact the CRE Directors with any further questions about the Calculus Readiness Exam or ALEKS. 

Calculus Readiness Exam Information
New Math Advance Program

Students who take the CRE by June 15 will be considered for the Math Advance program. Math Advance is a free 3 week online program offered this August to help a small group of students get off to a strong start in their university math sequence, and to make some human connections with experienced SCU math student partners before the school year begins.

There are two sections of Math Advance. Math Advance Calculus is designed for students who are just short of the cutoff for being eligible to take calculus in the fall, and will help bring those students over the threshold. Math Advance Precalculus is designed for students who will be taking Precalculus in the fall, but could benefit from some extra practice and instruction in skills and concepts from high school math.

More details can be found at the Math Advance web page.