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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science

Who Should Take the CRE?

1.) If you want to take first-quarter calculus (Math 11, 30, or 35) at SCU, then we require you to use ALEKS for your placement.

There are just a few special rules:

  • If you have college credit for a course equivalent to Precalculus (Math 9), then you may register for calculus without ALEKS. (This will require human intervention when you register.)
  • If you have college transfer credit for a calculus course equivalent to Math 11, 30, or 35, then you should take the sequel class without using ALEKS.
  • If you have AP credit for Math 11, then you may take the sequel class without using ALEKS. (If you don’t have your AP score yet, click here for advice.)
  • No score on the International Baccalaureate exam can substitute for the ALEKS placement.
2.) If you plan to begin with Precalculus (Math 9), you should still take the CRE.

The results of the CRE highlight topics which may require extra attention from you in your precalculus class. 

3.) If you don’t want to take calculus, then there’s no need to take the CRE.

We have courses in Statistics and Mathematics for the Social Sciences that might be a better fit for your program. Check the list of majors that do and do not require Calculus.