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Light shines in the Harvard Memorial Church

Light shines in the Harvard Memorial Church

A Trip to Harvard: One RS Student’s Experience at Theological Education Day

Nick Spragg '20 attends Harvard Divinity School's Theological Education Day.

Thanks to the support of the Religious Studies Department, Nick Spragg had the opportunity to attend Harvard Divinity School’s Theological Education Day on November 6.

Nick Spragg

Nick wrote: "The event showcased the dynamic graduate programs and presented opportunities to attend classes at the Divinity School, Kennedy School of Government, and Business School. Throughout the day, I met with Divinity school faculty and had the opportunity to tour Harvard’s beautiful campus. Many of the prospective candidates in attendance were in their mid-life and seeking a new occupation, which I found to be quite unique. I met investment bankers, flight attendants, and CEOs - all of whom were asking the fundamental questions about who we are and how we can better serve each other. Harvard Divinity School emphasizes its nonsectarian affiliation where students can engage deeply within their own traditions and with those of others. I really admire this atmosphere as one that encourages critical dialogue within and between traditions so that we can better understand religion as a mechanism for our ultimate liberation."


Sunlight shines in a window of the Harvard Memorial Church.