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Department ofReligious Studies


I Sil Yoon Headshot

I Sil Yoon Headshot

I Sil Yoon

New faculty in Christian Ethics and Theological Ethics of Migration

I Sil Yoon feels deeply grateful to have joined SCU as an Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer this year. Her academic interests include Christian migration ethics, biomedical ethics, and Christianity in East Asia. Specifically, she has been developing a Christian analysis that reveals the social structures that intensify the human rights violations experienced by migrants, including refugees and stateless people, in order to offer structural solutions for their human rights protections, healing, and social reintegration. Throughout her doctoral studies and afterward, Yoon has investigated the case of North Korean women who reside in China and who are victims of human trafficking. Her focus has been on developing an approach to theologically-informed restorative justice that can lead to increased local and global efforts to protect their human rights.

In the Winter 2020 quarter, Yoon is teaching TESP 4: the Christian Tradition and TESP 124: Theology of Marriage. In the Spring, she will teach a new course TESP 69: Christian Social Ethics.