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Department ofReligious Studies


Julie Dinh '17 in SCU Masters Program

Julie is pursuing a Masters in Education at SCU and is a student teacher at Lietz Elementary.

The past year after graduating as a Religious Studies major at Santa Clara University has been a whirlwind of excitement. I am nearly 1 year into my graduate program at Santa Clara for my Masters in Education. As I am finishing up my courses, I am also student teaching at Lietz Elementary. In learning how to teach, I have gravitated towards working with the upper elementary students. I have learned that students at the 4th and 5th grade level are at the cusp of independence. My studies as a Religious Studies major made important impacts in my life. In addition to gaining writing and critical thinking skills, studying religion also helped me to build a solid foundation for my faith. My faith helped me to discover my gifts, strengths, and passions for life. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank the staff and faculty for their endorsements and support. From letters of recommendations to support on my senior thesis, they made such an impact on where I am today pursuing my Masters in Education.

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