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Sally Vance-Trembath Op-Ed

Sally Vance-Trembath continues her streak of publishing articles and op-eds.  Her latest contribution is an article on the Huffington Post: Steve Bannon's Thoughts On Catholic Bishops Reveal His Arrogant Ignorance "
Her previous Huffington Post contributions include:
Pope Francis: Do We Allow Married Men to be Priests in Latin America?"
"Disappointed In 'Silence': Proud of My Domestic Ignatians"
"At Least One Direct Line from Catholic Bishops to Mr. Trump"
 "Get Ye to the Polling Place! Voting as Civic Sacrament"
"We Need Institutions: Institutions Need Wisdom"
"Charlie Sykes: Hero of this Destructive Election"
"A Locker Room is A Culture: Cultures are Created"
An op-ed written by Sally, "Michelle and Hillary: A tale of two Christians," was published by the Religion News Service.
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