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Department ofSociology


Internships give students the opportunity to work and conduct studies in corporations, community agencies, government bureaus, political organizations, and professional associations. Internships are most appropriate for upper-division students, preferably seniors, who have completed several upper-division courses in their major and who have developed sufficient disciplinary foundation to relate to specific field assignments. Not every student who applies is suited for our Internship Program. Students must have a B- (2.7) grade point average or higher in courses in their major. Internships typically require 1) a minimum of 10-12 hours of work per week working at an orgainzation or agency, 2) a specific set of written requirements, and 3) regular meetings with the Internship Coordinator and a group of interns.

The Department of Sociology is committed to supporting all students who wish to take advantage of the internship experience with three fellowships, The Alma Garcia Fellowship, the Marilyn Fernandez Fellowship, and the C. Power Study of Institutions Fellowship. To apply, contact the department internship coordinator. More information about the department internship opportunities and requirements, contact Dr. Cara Chiaraluce.

Instructor: Cara Chiaraluce, PhD Email:

Course Description: The Sociology Internship/Field Experience Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to work hands-on in the community and to connect sociological theory to the social world and professional workplace. Throughout the quarter, students will actively apply their sociological knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of their field experiences, while developing a variety of job skills. Students spend the majority of class time at their chosen internship site, and then reflect on and analyze their experiences through a variety of course assignments, including professionalization exercises. *Course restricted to Sophomore, Junior, or Senior status.

What should I do now?

1. E-mail Dr. Chiaraluce for a Permission Number to register for the course on E-Campus (Spring 2019). *Once you register, Dr. Chiaraluce will email you a packet of information.*

2. Secure a field site and supervisor. It is your responsibility to secure a placement site of your choice before the start of the quarter—contact places and people directly. Current places of work, study, or service are acceptable, email the Instructor for site approval. Start the search process early and plan ahead!

Questions? Not sure if your site is appropriate? Email Dr. Chiaraluce! CCHIARALUCE@SCU.EDU



1. Sociology Department Internship Binder (Hardcopy)

  • Check the “Internship Binder” for hardcopies of possible internships and site contact information. Binder Location: Sociology Suite Table (3rd Floor - O’Connor Hall). Dr. Chiaraluce also has a copy in her office.

2. SCU Social Networking Resources

  • Connect with SCU alumni and professional groups through Switchboard and LinkedIn, and inquire about possible internship opportunities.

3. SCU Internship & Career Center 

  • Search the SCU Internship/Job online database using “HANDSHAKE.” *CLICK HERE 
  • When you get to the Handshake login page: - Click on "Santa Clara University Sign On" and use your SCU Network username & password to log in. - Here, you can: search for internships and jobs, participate in on-campus interviewing, and make a career coaching appointment.
  • You can also read the online Job Prep Toolkit, which includes resume, cover letter, interviewing tips and more.

Do you have a placement site in mind, but you’re not sure if it’s appropriate?

Are you currently working or volunteering somewhere?

Having trouble registering for the course?

If so, simply email Dr. Chiaraluce (

College of Arts and Sciences Internship Opportunity: Real Experience. Actual Learning.

Award stipends up to $5,000 are given to CAS students conducting research, internship, or creative projects with a CAS faculty member, or, an internship in industry or a non-profit organization sponsor. Students are encouraged to seek out their own internship, research, project or creative work opportunity and apply for funding through this program.  Read more about R.E.A.L.