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Internships give students the opportunity to work and conduct studies in corporations, community agencies, government bureaus, political organizations, and professional associations. Internships are most appropriate for upper-division students, preferably seniors, who have completed several upper-division courses in their major and who have developed sufficient disciplinary foundation to relate to specific field assignments. Not every student who applies is suited for our Internship Program. Students must have a B- (2.7) grade point average or higher in courses in their major. Internships typically require 1) a minimum of 10-12 hours of work per week working at an orgainzation or agency, 2) a specific set of written requirements, and 3) regular meetings with the Internship Coordinator and a group of interns.

  • The Department of Sociology is committed to supporting all students who wish to take advantage of the internship experience with three fellowships, The Alma Garcia Fellowship, the Marilyn Fernandez Fellowship, and the C. Power Study of Institutions Fellowship. To apply, contact the department internship coordinator.

More information about the department internship opportunities and requirements, contact Dr. Cara Chiaraluce.