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Department ofSociology

Student Awards and Honors


The Witold Krassowski Sociology Award

Each year, Sociology seniors can ask to have research papers they wrote in a Sociology course considered for the Krassowski Award.  A clean non-returnable review copy must be submitted with a letter of self-nomination.  Nominations must be submitted by students to the Sociology Chair by April 23.  The exemplary senior paper in Sociology is designated by the faculty, and a cash award is granted.  Submissions may also be eligible for an honorable mention, at the discretion of the faculty.

Krassowski Award Winner ($1000) - Pamela Low
Paper Title:  “Community Trust in Their Local Police Force: The Gendered Impacts of Police Militarization and Community-Police Relationships”
Krassowski Award Honorable Mention ($800) - Christian Abraham
Paper Title:  “Shifting Priorities over the Life Course: The Changing Roles of Work, Family, and Leisure in American Adult Self-Concept”

Sociology Alumni Service Award

In honor of our alumni, we award a graduating senior who has an exemplary record of service or service related research with the Sociology Alumni Service Award.  The research must have taken place as part of a sociology course at Santa Clara University.  To be considered for the award, students must submit a statement that describes the service provided or related research and its impact to the Sociology Chair by the first Friday of the spring quarter each year.  The recipient is determined by the faculty of the Department of Sociology, and a cash award is granted.  

Sociology Academic Excellence Award

This award recognizes academic excellence and is granted to the graduating senior with the highest Sociology GPA.  The recipient is determined by the faculty of the Department of Sociology, and a cash award is granted. 

State and Regional Sociology Awards

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology's 2007 Student Problem Solving Competition
The Applied Sociology student team of Rebecca Jones, Zachary Mariscal, Patricia McGlynn, Cristina Sanidad, and Olga Vasserman, won the award for their research and paper on "Providing Outreach to the Homeless of Santa Clara County" written under Dr. Nichols direction.

California Sociological Association

  • Nicole Kemper (2005) winner of the Outstanding Student Award, October 2004
  • Demetra Kalogrides (2003) winner of the Outstanding Student Award, October 2002

Pacific Sociological Association

  • Elizabeth Budd, Jessica Crewse, and Nicole Kemper (2005) winners of the Distinguished Undergraduate Student Paper Award, April 2005
  • Demetra Kalogrides (2003) winner of the Distinguished Undergraduate Student Paper Award, April 2003



Becoming a member of the honor society brings you many benefits and the prestige of being a part of a selective group of very accomplished inductees and alumni. You might read more about AKD from the About AKD on this website.

Alpha Kappa Delta, the national sociology honor society, was founded at the University of Southern California in 1920. The Santa Clara University chapter, Alpha Mu, was founded in 2000. The society's primary goal is to encourage social research for the purpose of service. To be invited to join, a student must be a sociology major of junior or senior standing, have a grade point average of at least 3.3 overall and 3.5 in the major, have completed at least four sociology courses at Santa Clara, and have successfully completed at least Sociology 119 and 120 in the research sequence.