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Past Research Projects

  • Drew Starbird, Jill Martin, Leavey School of Business & Yacanex Posadas
    The Motivation and Performance of First- and Second-Generation Latino Small Business Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

    The purpose of this study is to get a better understanding of the challenges facing Latino entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. With this understanding, we can identify opportunities for new policies, institutions, and programs that support greater entrepreneurial success in immigrant communities, both locally and nationally.

    Learn more about the researchers, Drew Starbird and Jill Martin.

    Read their published work here!

  • Lanny Vincent, School of Engineering
    The Jesuit Way for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Pedagogy and Practice

    This project is composed of two phases. The purpose of this Phase 1 study is to inventory and assess who is doing what in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular contexts in ten Jesuit Universities in North America that apply Jesuit principles to innovating practice. Phase 2 of the study is envisioned to broaden and deepen the research towards articulating a "Jesuit Way" for the entrepreneurial to innovate. The research of both phases intends to ground answers to three questions in actual practice and experience: 1) Is there a Jesuit way for the entrepreneurially-minded to innovate (not just in commercial or social enterprises)? 2) If so, what is it? and 3) If so, what are the implications for Jesuit Universities in North America?

    Read the full research report on A Jesuit Way of Innovating.

    Learn more about researcher Lanny Vincent