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Lucas Hall is home to Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business

Graduate Entrepreneurship Programs

A career in entrepreneurship has never held greater promise.  Technology is driving globalization at an unprecedented rate.  The pace of innovation is accelerating.  Advancements in IT, biotech, cleantech and other sectors are creating opportunities for visionary entrepreneurs to solve problems on a global scale.  Today more than ever, entrepreneurs enabled by technology hold the potential of changing the world for the benefit of humanity.

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Leavey School of Business

The Leavey School of Business offers graduate students several programs and classes focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

      MBA Concentrations

      Career Management

      Executive MBA Program

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School of Engineering

The School of Engineering offers graduate students programs and classes that will place them on the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

      Management & Leadership




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School of Law

The law school offers programs that provide significant innovation in law education.

      Tech Edge J.D.

      High Tech Law Institute

      Entrepreneurs' Law Clinic