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Develop Entrepreneurial Skills to Direct Your Journey

The four facets of an Entrepreneurial Mindset are:

  • Awareness of how we make a difference
  • Empathy for those we strive to help
  • Optimism to see problems as opportunities
  • Confidence to tolerate risk

Mindset Scholars is a 2 year program to develop an early entrepreneurial mindset. Scholars complete one course from each school to build an interdisciplinary entrepreneurial mindset. Scholars are supported in self-actualization, by being provided specialized advising and access to on-campus experiential opportunities, like IDEA School and Career Launch. 

At the completion of the program, scholars will receive recognition with university leadership and be equipped with tools to direct their life's journey!


  1. Academic Coursework
    1. BUSN 70 - Contemporary Business Issues 
    2. ENGR 166A – Introduction to Design Thinking I 
    3. SOC 1 - Introduction to Sociology
  2. Experiences
    1. Idea School
    2. Field Trips
    3. Priority applications for Innovation Fellows
  3. Build Confidence
    1. Mentors/Guides
    2. Community and Networking Events
    3. Specialized Advising/Workshops
      1. Career Launch & Networking
      2. Designing Your Life
      3. Special Topics

Apply here for a life transformative way of thinking and approaching everyday situations with empathy and courage!