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Ciocca Center Branding Overview

Ciocca Center is a resource hub and academic development program that promotes and encourages the Entrepreneurial Mindset across campus. Ciocca Center instills this mindset across campus and beyond through academics, competitions, and on campus programs and events. 

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

An entrepreneur can understand and recognize a problem or pain point and has the determination to solve it. This form of empathy, and the courage to pursue new ideas, innovate and find solutions to problems, is the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Ciocca Center supports several academic and experiential programs to enhance the University community’s understanding and practice of the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Key Elements of the Entrepreneurial Mindset:

  1. Identifying pain points and solving them
  2. Viewing challenges as opportunities
  3. Overcoming risk
  4. Finding excitement in innovation
  5. Striving for long term solutions and impact

Your Resource For All Things Entrepreneurial

What does the Ciocca Center offer?

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Ciocca Center Mission

Ciocca Center’s mission is to instill and expand the entrepreneurial mindset in SCU students, faculty, staff and alumni, throughout Silicon Valley and across the world. Ciocca Center embraces an inclusive approach that engages responsible innovation to address pressing human needs and create long-term value within our communities.

We accomplish our mission by bringing together diverse perspectives, funding relevant academic programs, providing learning and experiential opportunities for all students and faculty across campus, and helping students learn to start their own ventures. 

Sub Brands

Ciocca Center’s umbrella includes several programs, some of which have evolved to form specific branding within the Ciocca Center’s values. These programs include:

For more information on these programs, please visit their respective webpages or view more information in the Ciocca Center Brand Book


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