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Business Pitch Competition


Business Pitch Competition

Ciocca Center's Business Pitch Competition takes place each spring. We use a virtual portal called Pitchtape, an asynchronous online platform where companies can record their pitches. You can upload your Pitchtape today!

SCU students of all majors are encouraged to apply for a spot in the competition! 



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Below was the schedule for BPC 2023:

  • What does the schedule for this year’s virtual competition look like?
    • We are using an exciting pitch portal this year called PitchTape, so companies will record their pitches in advance using this new system. 
    • The schedule of the competition is as follows:
      • Pitchtape will open on April 1st.
      • Business Pitch Competition teams will create and submit pitch by Friday, April 28th via the PitchTape portal
      • Judges will rate pitches
      • Ciocca Center will notify which teams have been selected to pitch live and in-person.
      • Ciocca Center will host a final competition on Friday, May 12th

  • Does my team need to be there on May 12th? 
    • The top 3 scoring teams from each track will each pitch live on Friday, May 12th to determine the winners, so make sure that your team is available to pitch that evening in case your team qualifies. Also, the Greatest Social Impact prize and Most Interdisciplinary will be given out at that time.

    • What key points do we need to touch on during our pitch?
      • There are 9 topics to discuss in your pitch that will be prompted via the portal:
        • Intro - What are your names and company name?
        • Problem - What problem are you solving?
        • Solution - What is the product or service you are building to solve the problem?
        • Market - What is the size of your market and who are major players in it now?
        • Advantage - What is your insight - what do existing players not get? What are you doing differently? What’s
          your “secret sauce”?
        • Business model - How are you going to make money? Pricing? Margins?
        • Traction - What have you achieved? Any big upcoming milestones?
        • Team - Who is on your team?
        • Ask - What are you asking for? Be specific - funding, connections, advice?
    • What makes me eligible to compete
      • Teams must include at least 1 active members
      • All SCU students are welcome to participate
      • The proposed business should be fundable and for-profit 
      • The proposed business plan/pitch should not be in violation of any IP right. This is what we will be reviewing after applications are submitted.

    • What should my business pitch look like?
      • Your company/team should be submit a 2 - 5 minute presentation online.  Face to face your company/team will do an 8 minute pitch.
      • Once applications are reviewed and the companies are selected, we will send material out regarding how to pitch using the Ciocca Center Virtual Portal via Pitchtape.
    • What are my best chances? How do I succeed? 
      • Practice makes perfect here. Make sure to get with your team and complete some run throughs. Send them in for feedback, we are happy to work with you! Pitchtape makes it easy for you to follow along with pitch prompts and record with your entire group!
      • Know that the company idea is equally as important as the actual pitch. Judging will be based on the quality of your product/service/solution, market opportunities and competition, fundability, overall attractiveness of the venture and quality of the pitch presentation.

    • How will our company's pitch be scored or judged?
      • You will be scored by the following criteria on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)
        • Business Description: Hook/Intro, Innovativeness, and Product or Service Analysis
        • Competitive Analysis: Market opportunities, Solution, and Competition
        • Quality of the pitch/presentation: Persuasiveness, Time
        • Special Mentions: Social Benefit and Most Interdisciplinary 
      • Judges will review the pitches on the Pitchtape portal and will be able to provide comments and feedback


    You can schedule practice sessions through office hours that will be included in your follow- up email once you sign- up for the competition.

    • These sessions can be used for questions about the PitchTape portal, competition as a whole, or even
      as an opportunity to practice your pitch.
    • PitchTape details are available in the initial competition email.

    Click here to see a recording of the competition that took place on May 21, 2021. 

    • $10,000 in cash prizes will be awarded

    • Prizes will be awarded for each of the 3 tracks (Grad, Ugrad, and Alumni)
    • There will be special awards given to the following teams:

      Most Interdisciplinary Team 

      Greatest Social Benefit or Impact 


    2022 Winners