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For any questions related to Ciocca Center’s visual elements, please contact:
Cindy Cooper,

Ciocca Center Visual Identity Elements

The key visual resources of Ciocca Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship identity include the logo, sublogos, primary and secondary color palette, University fonts, and program specific badges. These should be consistent across all mediums to help support our brand. The guidelines below explain how to apply the visual resources correctly. 

Navigate here to Logos & Sublogos

Guidelines and correct configurations for Ciocca Center’s most prominent visual branding icon.

Navigate here to Color Palette

Ciocca Center’s color palette of core and accent color options to support the SCU and Ciocca Center brand. 

Navigate here to University Fonts

The official primary and secondary fonts that support SCU’s typographic identity.

Navigate here to Badges

Guidelines and correct configurations for Ciocca Center’s program specific badges and unique identities.

Navigate here to Branding

Information on Ciocca Center’s mission, values, and what defines the Entrepreneurial Mindset, a defining concept of the Ciocca Center brand.

Navigate here to Templates

Layout and design examples for marketing materials, and available templates for internal department self-publishing options.

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