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Be a Change Agent for Santa Clara University!


The Innovation Fellows program focuses on finding a pain point on our SCU campus and using design thinking methods and empathy to identify and implement solutions. This two year program is great for students who want to continue to improve and grow the SCU community. The first year is a learning experience of mastering design thinking tools as part of an interdisciplinary team to identify a problem. In the second year, student teams will implement their creative ideas for solutions that stick, well beyond their time here at SCU.

Ciocca Center Innovation Fellows are committed to curiosity and fostering development of the student experience at Santa Clara University.



2022-2024 Innovation Fellows

Applications are closed for this academic year and will re-open in Spring 2023. Lookout for this opportunity to be a part of an interdisciplinary team committed to creating impactful change on our SCU campus!

  • What is the time commitment?

This is a 3 unit course, offered 1 unit each quarter.  There is a time commitment associated with and equivalent to a 1 unit course each quarter.

  • What topic will be the focus?

This program will be driven by the students and the groups engaged.  The theme is Santa Clara University, and this is a great program for students who want to continue to improve and grow the SCU community.

  • Has this course happened before?

A version of this program has been offered to graduate students in the ECP at SCU.  An elective (non-credit) version has been offered for the past 4 years, the program has been well received by these participants and students have asked for the creation of a larger for-credit version.

  • What majors is this year long course open to?

This program is open to all majors and will be interdisciplinary.

Abem Lucas

CS and Engineering

Ash Uyematsu

Biology, Public Health, Japanese Minor

Brian Wiebe

CS and Engineering, Technical Innovation Minor

Camren Kremers

Finance, Real Estate Minor

Evan Baerg


Harvard Muhm

Business, French

Hriday Gurnani

Finance, Economics

Jonathan Santosa

CS and Engineering

Kaitlin Webster

Neuroscience, WGST

Karl Schumacher

Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering Minor

Karla Santos

Ethnic Studies, Urban Education Minor, Sociology Minor

Khushboo Gupta

COEN, Design Thinking and Innovation

Leo Illing

Physics, Mathematics Minor, Art History Minor

Lillian Coan


Nicolas Lyons


Olivia Sargent

Biochemistry, Public Health Minor