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Dominican Friars

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The Dominican Friars
Order of Preachers

Dominicans profess obedience, and embrace a life of poverty and chastity for the sake of the Kingdom.

For 800 years the mission of the Order of Preachers has been to proclaim the Gospel to every corner of the world. We do this for one simple reason: that every soul may come to know and love Jesus Christ.

It was for this reason that St. Dominic de Guzman founded the Order of Preachers in 1216. As members of the Order of Preachers, we are called to follow in Dominic’s footsteps, imitating his mercy and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in and out of season. Our life in common, along with our time in study and at prayer, allows us to share the fruits of our contemplation and proclaim the good news to every land and nation.

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