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Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange

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The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange
Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange are responding to the needs of women who feel a desire and call to explore religious life by offering a series of monthly education and reflection days on different aspects of religious life. We invite you to join a group of women who like yourself are exploring and discerning where God is calling them.

By coming together, discover how to discern a call to religious life and to which religious community. Grow in your relationship with God by learning different styles of prayer. Learn about different religious communities and their “charisms”. Focus on varying aspects of religious life: ministry and community life, prayer and Eucharist, and the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

We are women in love with God. We respond to the needs of our world and the dear neighbor. Come explore the meeting point between seeking justice, being a bridge builder, and sharing life with other women who share in a desire to serve God with our whole life.

St. Joseph Day 2020 - Sisters of St Joseph of Orange