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Sound Amplification Policy

Sound Amplification

Student organizations that are hosting outdoor events with sound amplification either through a speaker system or megaphone are required to: (1) submit a University request form to have an outdoor event with amplified sound, and (2) obtain a sound permit from the City of Santa Clara in advance of the event date.

Getting a sound permit requires 2 steps (forms) and approval from both Santa Clara University and the City of Santa Clara:

Permit Application Deadline

At least two weeks prior to the event date.

Amplified sound is not permitted on weekdays (except Friday evenings) or during reading period, final exams, and commencement for the Law School.

Permit Fee

Each permit has a fee assessed by the City of Santa Clara. Your student organization would be responsible for paying this fee and submitting it directly to:

City Hall
Business Licensing Office
1500 Warburton Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Review & Approval

The first step is completing the Request Form for Amplified Sound at an Outdoor Event and getting it approved by Tedd Vanadilok (Director of the Center for Student Involvement) for requests by student organizations and Heather Dumas-Dyer (Director of Residence Life) for requests by residence halls.

Once that form is approved, the next step is approval of sound permits which is by Matt Cameron (Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life). Once he approves, the permit form then needs to be submitted to the City of Santa Clara for final review, approval, and payment.

Student Handbook

To view the Sound Amplification Policy in its entirety, see pages 62 and 68 in the Student Handbook.