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Solicitation Policy


Solicitation that is prohibited includes -- but is not limited to -- selling products or services, door-to-door collections or campaigning, or posting of materials on Santa Clara property including kiosks, light poles, and parking lots. Solicitors or tradespeople -- including those who may be Santa Clara students, faculty, or staff -- are prohibited from entering University housing facilities for the purpose of transacting business and should be reported immediately to the Center for Student Involvement and/or the appropriate building staff.

Tabling at Benson

It is against University policy for any company, organization, or individual to promote themselves while tabling at Benson Memorial Center. A company, organization, or individual is not permitted to ask your student organization to reserve a table for them. If your student organization attempts to reserve a table for a non-SCU entity, then the tabling request will be denied.

Student Handbook

To view the Solicitation Policy in its entirety, see page 57 in the Student Handbook.