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Events with Alcohol Policy

Events with Alcohol

The primary student events that may have alcohol served are events sponsored by the senior class and junior class during the spring quarter. These class events are planned and hosted by the Activities Programming Board (APB).

Other student organizations may request alcohol service at their events but such requests need to be reviewed and approved first by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) before planning for such events occur. Contact the CSI Director to inquire (Tedd Vanadilok,

In general, a few primary requirements include -- but are not limited to -- alcohol may not be the focus of the event in any way and a majority of the event attendees must be of legal drinking age.

Policy & Planning Form

University Dining Servives Policies (website with information)
Event Management Plan for Events with Alcohol (Word)

Review & Approval

Events where alcohol is served need to have an approved Event Management Plan for Events with Alcohol. Complete the form with your advisor in the Center for Student Involvement (CSI). Final review and approval is by the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life.

Student Handbook

To view the Alcoholic Beverage Policy and Responsible Hosting of Events with Alcohol Policy in their entirety, see pages 19-21 in the Student Handbook.