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Proof of Insurance

Depending on the level of risk associated with your event featuring a speaker, performer, and/or vendor, proof of insurance may be required from the invited guest. Proof of insurance is typically dictated in a contract or similar agreement. Consult with your advisor in the Center for Student Involvement on how to request insurance from the invited guest.

Also, on occasion, an invited guest or service provider may request proof of insurance from Santa Clara. Again, consult with your CSI advisor on how to request insurance to give to this entity.

Obtaining Insurance

If the speaker, performer, or vendor does not have insurance, the Office of Risk Management can provide the option for the invited guest to purchase insurance through the University. Consult with your CSI advisor on this option. The invited guest would be responsible for paying an associated fee to obtain this insurance. Your student organization may also help the invited guest pay the fee.

For More Information

Contact: Tedd Vanadilok