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EAB Profiles

Jack Jia

Jack is a founder and Executive Chairman of Baynote. He was the founding CEO from 2004 to 2010. For eight years, he was SVP & CTO of Interwoven Inc. with executive responsibilities in engineering, products, marketing, strategy and vision. Prior to Interwoven, he was a founder and CEO of V-max America. Jack led operating systems and applications development at SGI, Sun Microsystems, Stratus and NASA for over a decade. He is a frequent speaker at major conferences and has appeared on television programs in several countries. He is a contributing author in "XML Handbook, the 4th Edition", "Online! The Book", "Content Management Bible", and writes regularly about key technology issues and trends. He is a board advisor for Santa Clara University, and the president of HYSTA, a premier non-profit organization for promoting entrepreneurship.