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Work Related Injuries & Illnesses

Worker's compensation provides benefits to or on behalf of a worker who becomes injured or ill on the job. Eligibility is determined by: St. Paul's Travelers

St. Paul's Travelers

P.O. Box 8112,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Policy/Contract no. TC2JUB4239B89906

Medical Benefit

Medical treatment is provided through Occupational Health Clinic-US Healthworks. All pre-authorized treatment is covered at 100%.

Temporary Disability

Benefits are payable at 66 2/3% of the gross earnings to a maximum weekly benefit determined by the State. This is a non-taxable benefit.

Permanent Disability

Benefits are payable to employees who have sustained a permanent disability.


Benefits are payable when it has been determined that an injured worker is permanently disabled and unable to return to his/her regular duties.



If you, or someone who reports to you, suffers a work-related injury or illness, the following steps should be taken immediately:

Is the injury a life-threatening emergency?

Yes: If the injury is life-threatening, contact SCU Campus Safety (408) 554-4444 or 911 and arrange for an ambulance. Notify the employee's supervisor and the Department of Human Resources (408) 554-4392.

No: If the injury is not life-threatening, employees must notify their supervisors and contact the Department of Human Resources (408) 554-4392. The Department of Human Resources will authorize treatment at U.S. Healthworks.

If the injury occurs outside of normal office hours, employees must call the Department of Human Resources and leave a message and then obtain medical care from the O'Connor Hospital Emergency Room

If the Injury Does Not Require Immediate Medical Treatment

If medical or other emergency care is not needed for the injury, employees must notify their supervisors and the Department of Human Resources (408) 554-4392.

The Following Applies to All Injuries

All work-related injuries and illnesses

The Department of Human Resources will provide employees with:

  1. Initial Report of Injury
  2. Workers Compensation Claim Form (Form DWC 1)

Employees are required to complete the report and forms as soon as possible.

Following receipt of initial medical treatment

  1. Give a copy of the “work status report” to your supervisor.
  2. Review “work status report” with your supervisor to evaluate any job limitations and/or modifications directed by the physician.

If you need follow up care, please remember the following:

  1. University practice is to pay employees regular time for time missed from work not only for the initial receipt of care, but for follow up care as well.
  2. Physical therapy appointments must be pre-arranged with supervisor. Time missed for travel to and from and duration of appointment is paid at regular time.
  3. Keep your supervisor apprised of any changes to your work status.

If your injury or illness requires a temporary period of time away from work?

  1. Immediately notify your supervisor and the Department of Human Resources (408) 554-4932.
  2. Complete the appropriate paperwork for an industrial leave of absence
  3. Communicate regularly with the Worker’s Compensation insurance provider regarding your treatment, care, and work status.

*Please contact the Department of Human Resources with any questions at (408) 554-4932.

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