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Employee Resources

Exploring Options

 Employees are encouraged to evaluate what flexible work arrangements align with work responsibilities, work style, overall performance, and the goals of the department.

Discuss With Manager

Then, the employee discusses their proposed arrangement with their supervisor. During this discussion, speak about: 

  • Various types of flexibility and ways of structuring it to meet both individual and department needs
  • Timing of the proposed changes
  • What positive outcomes the employee expects because of the arrangement
  • How the change may impact those they serve, colleagues, and/or their supervisor and possible solutions to any negative impacts
  • How long the agreement is needed for, approved for (if a decision is reached), and a reevaluation date

Employee Self-Assessment Questions

  • Why am I requesting a flexible work schedule? What flexibility do I need? 

  • Am I self-motivated? Do I work well independently?

  • Am I meeting or exceeding performance expectations? 

  • Can my job duties be performed during the hours I am proposing? 

  • Am I a team player and good at communicating with my supervisor and team? 

  • Do I have my remote-work environment set up so I can be successful? 

In My Manager's Shoes

  • What does “business needs” mean? 

  • What is our vision/mission/values of the dept and the promise we made to our students and customers? How does my work align?

  • What do our customers expect from us? 

  • When do our customers need us (business hours)? What does “presence on campus” look like for my department?

  • What guidelines have been set for us? (i.e. hours of operations, staffing levels, etc.) 

Employee-Manager Communication Plan

  • How will day-to-day communication take place with your customers/team/manager?

  • How will I take part in meetings?

  • What can my customers expect from me? (hours, impact to service, contact)

  • How will I access information needed to do my job? How will I share information with my team and manager?

  • How will I gather feedback to ensure I am being successful and meeting the needs of my customers, colleagues and manager?