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Policy 623 - Staff Community Service Program

623. Staff Community Service Program for the Ignatian Center


To provide volunteering opportunities to staff as a means of connecting with University run programs that provide services to our surrounding community.  In the same way that we encourage our SCU students to be educated, active, and serve others less fortunate, our staff should also be supported in pursuit of these ideals.  This program is designed for staff who want to volunteer for Ignatian Center-run programs that occur during the work day.  Participation in these programs strengthens inter-departmental relationships and builds community relationships while addressing community needs.


Regular benefits eligible employees in good standing, who have completed their introductory period, and who do not manage, organize, or maintain Ignatian Center community service programs as part of their employment with the University.


Upon the requisite approvals, as detailed below, eligible employees may take a maximum of up to 40 hours / calendar year of paid release time to volunteer with an Ignatian Center run program, such as the SCU Thriving Neighbors Initiative or immersion program.  

Staff members wishing to participate in this Program do so with the understanding that the University is granting them paid release time as personal leave to do community service or participate in an immersion.  As such, it is not a work assignment.  Participating employees personally assume any risks associated with the volunteer service they choose to provide under this Program.  As such, employees will need to complete and sign a University Volunteer Agreement in order to participate.  

Both exempt and non-exempt participating employees will enter all paid release community service hours on their timesheet as Community Service Hours.  Note that any time spent volunteering that extends beyond an employee’s normal work day is not counted as paid release time under this Program.  Employees are only eligible for paid release time under this program for time volunteered that takes place during the employee’s normal work day.


A two-step approval process is required.  Approval to volunteer in a designated Ignatian Center program is required by the Ignatian Center.  Approval as to the release time for specific times and days is required by the employee’s immediate supervisor.  Eligible staff members should make specific vacation requests in writing to their supervisors at least two weeks prior to the requested time-off.  Department workloads and business needs vary and will impact whether it is possible or prudent to release a staff member during the work day.  Employees may not exceed 40 hours of community service release time per calendar year.  Paid release time under this program only applies to Ignatian Center-run community service programs or immersion programs.  Employees are of course encouraged to volunteer for additional non-profit organizations but paid release time will only be provided to Ignatian Center community services or immersion programs under this Program. 


For any questions please contact the Ignatian Center or the Department of Human Resources.

Policy Approved: May 2016

Last Updated: June 7, 2016

Last Reviewed: June 30 2022

Maintainer: Human Resources