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Policy 625 - Reproductive Loss Leave

625. Reproductive Loss Leave


An eligible employee will be granted a request for reproductive loss leave in a manner consistent with applicable law. 

A reproductive loss leave means leave taken pursuant to this policy following a reproductive loss event.  A reproductive loss event means the day or, for a multiple day event, the final day of a failed adoption, failed surrogacy, miscarriage, stillbirth, or an unsuccessful assisted reproduction. The described reproductive loss events apply to the person experiencing the reproductive loss, or the person’s current spouse, registered domestic partner, or other individual if that person would have been the parent of the child born as a result of the pregnancy. For the purpose of this policy, all terms shall have the same definitions as those set forth in California Government Code Section 12945.6.


To be eligible for reproductive loss leave, an employee must have been employed by the University for at least 30 days prior to the start of the leave.

Terms of the Leave

  • An employee may take up to five days of reproductive loss leave following a reproductive loss event.
  • If an employee experiences more than one reproductive loss event within a 12-month period, the employee may take up to 20 days of reproductive loss leave (up to 5 days for each reproductive loss event) within a 12-month period. 
  • Reproductive loss leave may be taken on consecutive or nonconsecutive days.  
  • In general, an employee must complete the reproductive loss leave within three months of the reproductive loss event.  However, if an employee is on or chooses to take a leave of absence under another leave entitlement under applicable federal or state law (e.g. the Family and Medical Leave Act, the California Family Rights Act, or the California Pregnancy Disability Leave law), then the reproductive loss leave must be completed within three months of the conclusion of the other leave.  
  • Reproductive loss leave is unpaid, but an employee requesting reproductive loss leave may use accrued vacation, personal leave, sick leave, or other paid leave that is otherwise available to the employee.  
  • An employee’s right to reproductive loss leave shall be a separate and distinct right from any other leave entitlements available under University policy or applicable law.

No Retaliation

The University prohibits retaliation against any individual because of the individual’s exercise of the right to reproductive loss leave, or because an individual gives information or testimony as to their own reproductive loss leave, or another person’s reproductive loss leave, in an inquiry or proceeding related to rights guaranteed under this policy.


The University will maintain the confidentiality of any employee requesting leave under this policy and any information provided by the employee in connection with a request for leave. Any such information will be disclosed only with personnel or counsel as necessary or as required by law.


To request leave under this policy, or for more information, please contact Human Resources (


Policy Approved: Interim policy approved pending shared governance review

Last Updated: January 1 2024

Last Reviewed: January 1 2024

Maintainer: Human Resources

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