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President's Message

President’s Message


December 23, 1998

Dear Members of the Staff.

From: Paul Locatelli, S.J.

cc: Members of the Faculty

It is my pleasure to announce the Board of Trustees' approval and adoption of the Santa Clara University Staff Policy Manual proposed by the Staff Affairs University Policy Committee (SAC). In August of this year, the President's Cabinet received a report and recommendation from the SAC to adopt the proposed Staff Policy Manual. We unanimously endorsed the proposal and advanced the recommended Staff Policy Manual to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. The Committee recommended final approval, which was granted by the full Board of Trustees at the October 23, 1998 meeting.

This set of policies is a product of a full year's effort on the part of past and present members of the SAC who focused their work on consulting with members of the University's staff. Throughout the '97-'98 year the Committee solicited, considered and discussed comments and suggestions regarding the draft from those whose work lives will be governed by the policies. The SAC held three open forums, conducted numerous open lunchtime discussion sessions and consulted with several subject matter experts. All told, they devoted over 30 meeting hours to reaching consensus on issues raised by their staff constituents. The recommended policies carried the full support and endorsement of all of the members of the SAC.

I am confident that you will find the Staff Policy Manual represents the best interests of the staff, individually and collectively, as a vital part of the University community. In both their deliberation process and their resulting recommended policies, the SAC modeled Santa Clara University's dedication to "a community enriched by men and women of diverse backgrounds, respectful of difference and enlivened by open dialogue, caring and just toward others, and committed to broad participation in achieving the common good."

This announcement serves as official notice to all staff employees of the University that the Staff Policy Manual has been adopted and is in effect. All staff members will be asked to sign an acknowledgment that they have been notified the Staff Policy Manual is in effect and that they are expected to acquaint themselves with its contents and to abide by the policies as a condition of their employment with Santa Clara University.

A copy of the acknowledgment and some frequently asked questions and answers about the Staff Policy Manual follow at the end of this announcement. Members of the Cabinet and I were the first to sign the required acknowledgments.

There will be further information coming from Human Resources (through department heads) that will explain more about the use and availability of the Manual.

The Staff Affairs Committee members who participated in this process are: Lisa Ahoorai, Matt Cameron, Kathleen Donofrio, Kathy Ferguson, Susan Frey, Jon Gray, Mary Hood, Cheryl Johnson, Melanie Massie, Graciano Mendoza, Norma Palomino, Christa Perez, Paula Popma, and Barbara Simmons. To them and all the members of the community who collaborated in this endeavor, I extend my personal appreciation and admiration, and that of the Cabinet. You have made a reality of our long-standing ambition to have a viable, appropriate and up-to-date policy manual for the staff of Santa Clara University. Thank you for your good work, well done, on behalf of the staff and the University.


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