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Information and Requirements for Internship Positions at SCU

The following requirements are in place for the establishment of internship positions at Santa Clara University.  In accordance with California and federal law, and guidance issued by the California Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement (DLSE), all of the below requirements must be met in order to create an unpaid or stipend-paid internship position.  
If you are interested in creating such an internship position, we ask that you complete and submit an Internship Request Form. On the form include a description of the proposed internship that you would like to create and what an intern would learn over the course of the internship.  Please be as specific as possible and detail how your proposed internship meets all of the requirements listed below.  Submit the completed Internship Request Form to the Department of Human Resources for approval.  The form can be submitted via email to Mariela Rodriguez, HR Operations Supervisor.

  1. The internship is for the benefit of the student or intern;
  2. The internship has an educational objective and may even qualify for academic credit;
  3. The activities are directly tied to the core components of the education objectives of the internship;
  4. The internship is unpaid or any stipend paid to them does not exceed reasonable expenses incurred by the intern’s participation in the internship (i.e., stipend for reasonable living expenses at a remote location, required equipment, etc . . . .)
  5. The activities the intern is to perform are not currently, and have not in the past been, performed by employees.
  6. Neither the lab, area, department, nor University as a whole derive any immediate advantage from the activities of the interns, and on occasion the operations may actually be impeded;
  7. The interns are not entitled to or promised a job at the conclusion of the internship.
  8. All parties, including the interns, understand that they are not employees and not entitled to wages for the time spent performing internship activities.